I have been very busy working around the community, speaking at business and industry networking groups. My aim is to raise the profile of Dyslexia and lift public awareness.  So many people have been applauding my efforts and encouraging me to stay the course.

Since the launch event on the 14th of March 2013 the pre-release copies of my book “Embracing Dyslexia. The Chronicles of a Personal Realisation” have all sold. 

Exciting News!Embracing Dyslexia Book image

My book, “Embracing Dyslexia” is available on Amazon and Kindle! Yes you can order your own copy directly from Amazon and if you have a kindle book reading tablet you can download a copy from the Kindle Store too.

Follow this link for the Kindle version Embracing Dyslexia Amazon

Follow this link for the paperback version Embracing Dyslexia Amazon




Hi, I’m Sandy Hobley.  Let me tell you my story of how a personal encounter
empowered the hidden part of me to grow fully into my authentic self
and how you can too.

Programs available through Embracing Dyslexia

Patterns. A program for kids with learning difficulties which aids personal development, self esteem and self confidence.
Sense of Self. A program for adults which encourages self acceptance, self awareness and authenticity to your core gifts.
DEBS. Dyslexic Entrepreneurs Business System. A system of business modules designed to aid running a small to medium business.
Sound Reading. An adaptable reading system which has versions for children and adults. Designed to underpin the understanding of the English language for both reading and writing.
Writing Blocks. A program presented in a one day workshop which teaches people with learning difficulties how to write a book.

Pat Mesiti Testimonial of Sandy Hobley

Peter Hayton of Empowered Psychology and Counselling speaking about learning difficulties.


Below is a portion of the Ministry of BUZZ radio show which airs every week on YYY87.6FM where Sandy excitedly announces her book and talks about her struggle.

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