Will YOU Help ME?

As humans we all try so hard to fit and not stand out from the crowd. This is mostly because of fear of persecution.

As a dyslexic it’s even harder to blend in as we have telltale signs that constantly betray us. From reading something out aloud, to math equations, to filling in a form; even something as simple as going for a driving test can out us.

Let me explain.

To go for a driving license you get a booklet to read (dyslexics struggle to read and comprehend the written word).

Part of the test is in a written form. Words move around the page or blur together or some other pattern of movement. Forms are almost impossible for severe dyslexic‘s.

For a non dyslexic there are nerves when going for a test but for the dyslexic there is high anxiety.

  • anxiety for the test,
  • anxiety for the written word,
  • anxiety for the comprehension of the written word from the point of understanding the question correctly in the first place,
  • anxiety for the time it takes to fill it in,
  • anxiety for the spelling of words,
  • anxiety for not throwing up, because you feel so sick you could even pass out.

Along with all the normal stress there is the anxiety of not wanting to stand out for fear of appearing stupid or dumb. What will the person who is serving me think? What will they say?

This is all true! My daughter and son in law have two young apprentices; one had to go for his license 9 times before he got it. Not because he didn’t know how to drive but because he couldn’t take the knowledge of knowing what to do and how to do it and then put it into words on a page.

The second young man is still going through all this anxiety. Rod (son in law) cannot get insurance cover for these boys to drive the work vehicles without their licenses. And getting to the work sites is impossible by public transport 99% of the time.

This kind of thing is how a dyslexic gets found out and is unable to blend with the crowd. Not only are they going through all this, but to get their apprenticeships done they have more paper work to read and fill in.

Luckily my son in law is an awesome human and has given these boys a chance to learn in ways which they can. He is fighting on their behalf to get whatever help is available which at the present moment is not much.

Rod from Roof’s by Rod have also found people within the industry who have a heart. These people have changed from saying, “Oh well that’s their problem” to saying, “My hands are tied, rules are rules, but let’s do all that we can within the rules”.

One simple thing is to have the text books on an audio CD. Better still have them on video as dyslexic‘s learn visually. When it comes to a test for the next stage of their apprenticeship it could be done as an interview where someone asks the questions. All the tester is required to do is really listen without prejudice or coaching and write the answers for them.

I know it’s not the way things are done but what if it was? Words only equate to 7% of our overall understanding. Body language is the highest at 54% and audio being tones of voice etc is 39%.

For years dyslexic‘s have tried very hard but still end up feeling like failures. This is because the school system does not recognise learning disabilities like dyslexia. In the world system when we go for licenses, loans, jobs and much more, we feel extreme anxiety and feel like failures all over again.

I have felt like a failure my whole life. That was until March 2012 when I decided to embrace my dyslexia. I am now working with some awesome people who share my dream and passion to help all mankind have equal opportunities, both in the work place and in general life, regardless of learning disabilities.

I have the man who changed my life, Mr. Pat Mesiti helping me get my message out there. I am encouraging everyone to embrace their lives and let the “magic” as Pat says or the “diamond” as I say, shine.

Will you help ME?

Will you help me help all mankind to FEEL complete?

Will you help me with your GIFT of understanding?

Will YOU help me?

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