Hello World!

My name is Sandy Hobley and I have a disability.

Not one that you can see.

I am Dyslexic!

What this means is I have trouble with Maths and English. I also have trouble with left and right. And reading maps is just impossible because everything turns into a blur.

I can’t take information from my head and easily write it down. I also see everything in pictures therefore for me to stay on task and stay focused is really hard.

I am embracing Dyslexia!…   because God doesn’t make junk!

As soon as I decided to embrace it there was a shift, like I jumped from one path to a parallel path and the impact on my innermost being was of empowerment. I realised I was gifted.

I also found through talking with other Dyslexics that we talk at great speed and we don’t finish any sentences because the other person has already got the picture.

Despite this disabling problem I have achieved way beyond what my teachers thought I should be able to in my lifetime.

You see, when I was in school I had a lot of trouble reading from the blackboard. The words appeared to move or slip off the edge but mostly they would go above the line and curl back over the top. Sometimes they would wobble around like a wave and still other times they would swirl like a vortex.

This was a common part of my day and I was regularly given poor ratings and told I was lazy or any number of other things like: stupid, dumb, not listening, and I was always in trouble for daydreaming.

This could not have been further from the truth.

I was not daydreaming; I was trying to get a picture. If I could get a picture then I could understand and retain it.

What was really happening was not recognised by the teachers and the level of commitment I had towards doing my grades and meeting the deadlines was massive.

They were correct in that I was underachieving but it was nothing to do with being lazy.

I felt like I was being treated as a criminal who had murdered someone when the teachers were yelling in my face but on the inside I was screaming “I am innocent!”

Free Audio download.

I talk about this in a radio interview I did with a fellow Dyslexic and oh my gosh, what an empowering time it was. If you would like to hear it, please follow the link below and I will send you an email with the download instructions.

Please click this interview download link to receive the download instructions.

2 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Having met Sandy earlier this year through our business networks it is amazing and gratifying to see how far she has come. When Sandy puts a picture in her head then it is a reality. She is very driven, motivated, honest, congruent, inspiring and one of the most helpful people I have met. Her realisation that she could embrace dyslexia and help others was not by accident this is what she was born to do. I wish her all the very best and every success in embracing dyslexia.

  2. Who ever arrives at this site should take the time to watch the videos,they are excellent,and will help you understand your capabilities,not disabilities, that you have been blessed with.

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